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Ive always struggled with acne, ever since I have been old enough to have spots, i have. Its the height of annoying and i just wana get rid of them! I wish they would just get lost and find something else better to do than plague me!!!

Ever since Ive had them ive been picked on and bullied about it and Ive even been to the point where I almost refused to even go to school or go and play sport for my local teams as I would always get picked on. And it wasnt just for my spots either. I had really bad teeth, as in very uneven and twisted, and supposedly big ears. My teeth are now sorted after a good 4-5 years of having a brace, but that doesnt stop my acne problem...

Im 19 now, almos 20, and my spots r still as bad as ever. Ive tried so many different ways of gettin rid of the things but they just wont budge. Ive even gone to the point of being prescribed and taking Accutane to solve the problem, but not even that worked!!! I mean it helped alot at the time but as soon as i stopped (because you physically have to so ur body doesnt fry on the inside!) they just got worse again. For those of you that dont know, Accutane is a VERY powerful drug that controls your hormones in a very strong way. The amount of physical and mentol strain I had to go through to go through all of that for the whole 3month course has esaily been the worst 3months of my life. Its undescribeable about the way you feel when under this surge of hormones. They attack your body and make you do things you would never do before, they make you soooooo moody and say things to people you care about and hurt them, its such a stressfull period.

The bottom line is, Accutane is basically the only drug that is successful in getting rid of acne for good. Other products just aid the process but the bodys natural groing out phase does the rest. This "super drug" is basically my only hope. The thing is...i cant bear the thought of haing to go through all of that again, i cant bear thinking I will have to go though all of it, and screwing my life over and having to make ANOTHER fresh start. My body has been screwed up enough as it is with the amount of different medcines and potions Ive tried to kill the damn things off.

The great thing about if I was to go ahead with all of this is that I a safe in the knowledge that if I was to go ahead with any serious medication for all of this that my wonderful girlfriend will always be there for me, I know that she will try her very hardest to look after me and keep me from the bad things that could happen. I appreciate her support so very much.

I just want them to go do anything but that horrible drug

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i have it too and have tried countless antibiotics, and creams and the pill. At the minute i am on a pill called diantette, tertracycline and benzol peroxide .. and they have just started to go a little. My doc is bombarding me with difefrent drugs because I dont think he wants me to go on accutane. I could recommend dianette but you are a guy!

Talk to your doc about how accutane made you feel and perhaps you could get a weaker dose?
Another thing .. my mam went on accuntane and her's went, but have came back.
take care hun xxx

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Thanks for that. Its just really gay and i wish they wud just go away! I'll get something sorted soon enough

I will not be broken, tho' I am the one that bleeds

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One of my friends in on Accutane at the moment and it has helped her alot too, although she hasn't seen the effects of coming off them because she's still on them. I was under the impression that you could only take on course of them in your life, because of the effects it has.
I think the only thing you can do is ride it out and see what happens. Maybe try not to throw too many soaps and treatments onto your face because sometimes they can clog up all your pores and make things worse.
Maybe just try good old soap and water after all the treatments and see if it eases it, even if it's just a little bit.
My dad also had acne, more on his back than anything else, and I think his died down after his 20s or something like that.

Take Care,

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I used to have this really good cream that got rid of Acne. It worked wonders. I still have some left in the bathroom, ill post the name of it tomorrow for you. (Im in bed at the moment, lol) If you want to know the name now just tell me and i can go get it? :)

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no rush for the name of it but if u can get it it might be helpful thanks :D

I will not be broken, tho' I am the one that bleeds

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