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Triggering (Sexual Abuse) - Why can't it go away

I really don't know why its all affecting me now. i was free from it all in my head for a while but now its back! back in my head!!! ARGH!!! It all happened when i was little but now its back in my head i think its because i have been left alone with him alot more now its like my mind is going back to those younger years...

but what i really want ot know is how do i stop this effecting me and my current boyfriend i dont want this to come between us.

Has anyone else been in this situation and how did they get round it?

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i don't really have any advice... just to let you know i'm having a similar issue right now... past events have just started to affect me and i'm terrified that it will cause trouble between me and my current boyfriend...
I'm going to try opening up and explaining everything to mine tomorrow... not sure if it will help, but all i can think to do... maybe yuo could speak with your boyfriend too?

I'm not sure... hopefully someone else will have more/better advice...

good luck

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I had that problem with my boyfriend. My past was constantly getting in the way. I was lucky enough to have a boyfriend who was very understanding, and has helped me a great deal. It has to be worth telling him hun. It will be hard at first, but you will feel better for telling him. He will be understanding when you react badly to something that he does... he'll understand. And from my experience, it puts you at ease in your relationship.

If you find speaking to him hard, you could always write him a letter to explain things. I interchanged between talking and writing, and it was really useful. Good luck hun.

Take care

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