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relationship..long thred

well I dated this guy that was my friend for 2 years before we started to date, we dated for 8months but ended ending it and bing friends only because it wasn't feeling like a bf gf relationship, then a incident happened and me and him didn't talk and his friends which were my friends but they stopped talking to me also. for few months we never talked but then he started to talk to me again and we ended up hanging, I ended up having lov feelings for him again, and he did too. one day he just kissed me and said it was random so I asked if he wanted to date and he said sure. so now I guess we are dating but it doesn't feel like it and his friends which were my old friends don't know about it, it has to be a secret to them. they cant know about me and him talking or dating. now before we started talking again, I lost my virgitity to this guy who I known and fell for but he is just a player and wants sex. I finally did it with him which I wanted to for 3 years but never did until then and I did it twice with him. I need to move on from him but I still want to hookup with him I don't know why I just am confused. what do I do with all of this? Please I need advice my head is so messed mixed up I don't know what to do, please help!?

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Please anyone someone what do i do this is driving me crazy

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It sounds a lot like you think this guy isn't doing you any good.
I understand that there is a number of mixed feelings which make it all very confusing. All I can advise you to do really is to have an open conversation with him about this and to keep yourself busy with other things so it won't be on your mind too much. Maybe spend time with your friends or pick up a new hobby?

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