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Not at home

Iím currently not at home and havenít been science last Thursday there were no mental health beds so got sent to one place then moved to like a care home setting with older people and am only 28 so fidnig it but hard this week there loads of appointments and Iím really scare one of them is with physcarset so my meds may changed I scared of goingís though everything all again some else is coming to look to get I donít really want to go to college at the moment as thatís very difficult andmownt indould screams ans cry just feeel so out of it today

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The Shadow of the Day
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I'm sorry things are scary and all over the place for you right now. Is there someone you trust who is involved in your care who you can talk to about your worries etc?

I put it down on paper and then the ghost does not ache so much.

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Not really I donít quite trust the staff here today I feel really funny there just bunch of new people coming in I just do t yet when Iím going home which is stress full

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Aurors for the win.
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How are things going for you now? Sorry you are struggling so much. I know admissions can be hard, but I hope you were/are able to reach out for support when you needed to.

You can't always keep it separate.
This is happening, this is part of you.

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