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When people seem to treat you like you're stupid

I've noticed that sometimes if someone, even me, is just naturally more introverted or even has some sort of disability or looks just a bit different, others seem to think the person is special or stupid. And when I say special, I don't mean that in a good way. It's never good to be called special as in special needs.

Some of the ways I've observed is if you succeed in something, others may seem really shocked or if you get a job, some may wonder and even ask how that was even possible. I've had that happen to me. Another thing that has happened, both face to face and through group chats, is when some coworkers ask a generalized question about something they are unsure about but I know for a fact that I know what the answer is since it's clearly stated as such or something else.

Usually it's because I read an email that was sent that they probably haven't read yet or even if they did, they don't seem to understand what is being said even when I fully understand. I've noticed that happening a lot. An example is if there is an inservice day, sometimes it is mandatory and other times it is optional. Well they always state it whether it is mandatory or not and it is mentioned more than once. No way you can miss it.

Yet a lot of my coworkers seem to not know what is mandatory or not. I will let them know but I will be ignored. Then as soon as they ask their question again, and someone else responds with the exact same answer as me, they thank that person for letting them know. All my coworkers are way older than me so I sometimes wonder if age plays a role in it too. I sometimes wonder if they believe that since I'm younger than them, what I have to say is less believable or something.

Either way, when this happens, whether it's at work or anywhere else, it makes me feel like I'm not worthy of other people's time and what I have to say has no place in other people's eyes. Has anyone experienced this? Do you know why someone or a group of people may treat someone this way? It makes me feel like I'm not part of whatever group it is, whether it is a group of coworkers or just being with other acquaintances.

In most cases, especially with my coworkers, I will just not respond even when I know something that other people are struggling to find the answer to. I feel bad since I feel like I should say something, but if I sense that they see me as a joke or like I don't know what I'm talking about, it makes me not want to respond to any kind of general question there may be. I just let them figure it out on their own.

If this has happened to you, what did you do in order to deal with people who treat you like this? When this stuff happens, it makes me less inclined to respond due to feeling like a joke or like they think I'm just not smart enough to be believed. Unfortunately, in cases where it's people who are way older, it may be hard to say something due to them being older and thinking they have more power even though we are all on the same level professionally.

I get that in some cases, people are way older than someone else so they may be less inclined to listen to someone who is younger in some instances, but I believe that if it involves work related issues or just events that are necessary to know about, they should be more open to anyone letting them know about something. Just because someone is younger, looks different, has a disability or just simply introverted and possibly a bit awkward doesn't make them or what they say less valid. Know any other reasons that would cause this kind of behavior to occur? Just wondered what you guys thought. I think it can be rude.

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Koala hugs
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I'm so sorry this has happened to u. I have no advice but there treatment of u seems cruel x

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Originally Posted by Koala hugs View Post
I'm so sorry this has happened to u. I have no advice but there treatment of u seems cruel x
Thank you and it's okay. I agree, no one should be treated that way. It's not okay to treat someone as if they are stupid just because they may look different, have a disability, gender, race, age, or any other reason.

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