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Magen Rylander
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Image Heavy - Aviation Safety

Hi. Do you know how the airlines ensure the safety of their passengers? Every time I have a holiday with the whole family, this question never slips my mind. And until now, I don't know the answer. Have you ever wondered how?

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non volo
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I'm not sure if this is what you're after but may help. Just choose an airline and click the safety breakdown.

Basically, an airline which isn't safe gets no passengers(MH are barely surviving after they lost a TON of regular passengers and crew after their incidents) so airlines by default try to be as safe as possible in order to fly without incident.

Flying is still by far the safest way to travel and most airlines are very safe, there's one route I fly in Asia which is a little ATR prop plane and I hate it, I hate anything that isn't jet but it's still safe and I know it will get me there in one piece.

In addition the flight crew and groud crew run through numerous checks on the aircraft both before you board and after, which is also why just after pushback you will see and hear the flaps moving around plus other weird noises.

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In addition the pilots and Co pilots have to go through a yearly test in a simulator. If they are female and come back from maternity leave they have to go through several weeks of simulation flight testing before going on a plane and even then they are only allowed to fly as co pilot for several months.

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I feel safer in the air than on a road with people watching Disney films while driving lol

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