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Question about Driving Lessons

Right, I need your help folks...

I'm considering taking driving lessons and to be honest, I'm clueless about where to start. I know I have to decide if I'm driving using manual or automatic, space lessons out of do it all in a crash course type thing etc...

see... clueless!

Also, if I were to pass (if miracles happen, that's when it'll occur!), what would you recommend in terms of a car? Ideally something cheap but reliable and low running cost (tax, insurance, that sort of thing)

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I started off in a manual car because my parents convinced me to. I always wanted to learn in an automatic and they kept saying how you can't get any cars that are automatic, and what would happen in an emergency blah blah. So I spent a LOT of money learning in a manual and got no-where. I was anxious about driving in the first place, and I panicked about changing gears. I kept stalling on hills and my anxiety got worse so I quit driving completely.

Years later I decided to give it another go and I went with an automatic car and an instructor who specialises in teaching pupils with disabilities, so he would understand my anxiety. It was fantastic! So easy to drive. I could concentrate so much more. Took me a few months and I passed my test second time around.

Personally I found learning to drive quite intense and that was with having 2 two hourly lessons per week. I would not have been able to cope with an intensive driving course where you're in the car for hours and hours each day. I think you need time in between lessons to let it all sink in.

I have a 1.2 litre automatic vauxhall corsa and it's fantastic! Just the right size for me and the insurance is okay on it too. Tax has just changed for everyone. Mine used to be something like £25 a year but I think it's gone up, need to check. The smaller the engine in your car the cheaper it'll be to tax and insure. Oh and what my parents said about there not being any automatic cars to buy is rubbish! There are plenty of used automatic cars in great condition.

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The only problem about learning in an automatic is that you will only be allowed to drive automatics so I would probably suggest you try a manual first. It might take awhile to get used to but atleast it gives you the option.

I did weekly driving lessons and I dread to think how much it costed and so I think it's definitely cheaper to do an intensive course but obviously this has a bigger upfront cost. My sister did an intensive and enjoyed it but again I think it depends on the type of person you are and your concentration levels.

Why don't you look online for some driving instructors and email them with a list of questions/concerns?

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Is start off in a manual and see how you feel with changing gears as like Leigh said if you do automatic you can only
drive an automatic car while learning in a manual you can drive both once you have past your test.

Lessons I had weekly and that gives you time to get used to all road conditions and weather types.

I have a Ford fiesta 1.25 engine. Really good and runs well.

Think the new tax laws are only for new cars bought after April.

Driving is so much freedom though x

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