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I am going to evening classes in October for a year. It is 1 evening a week doing Level 1 photography. I am really worried about fitting in with everyone and making friends. It's really making my anxiety bad and I keep wanting to email them and cancel my place but I also want to do it and prove to myself I can do it.

I would love some advice and tips to make friends and not be the loner at the back of the class on my own

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That sounds really exciting, is photography something you're interested in? I hope you do manage to go and enjoy it. Since it's something that people choose to do I think that the people there will be interested in photography so you could always start by having general conversations about photography with people. Do you know the size of the class? Is it an adult class? A lot of classes and groups for adults can actually be quite informal and friendly so people would include you rather than you feeling like you have to somehow fit in. Plus most people likely won't know each other so you won't be the only one. What makes it hard for you to make friends? I hope everything goes well.

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