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Residential treatment for mental health

Last week I was really struggling and probably needed to be hospitalized. Instead of signing a 201, I started looking into residential treatment, kinda like a rehab for depression and self harm. Thanks to 3 med adjustments in one week, I'm no longer suicidal so hospitalization is not a risk anymore. Has anyone done residential treatment for mental health? (No substance abuse is involved). The one I'm looking into sounds pretty restrictive, kinda like the psych hospital, which I hated. I don't want to get stuck in a situation where I sign myself in and they won't let me go if I want to. Is it worth it?

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Looked into it, 2 different kinds. One is more like a hospital, which I also hate the sound of. Others are much formal and friendly, less restrictions, I've seen them built out of old grand homes or vicarages and such, so look for those types.
I was supposed to be going into one of those types, but it costs so much, my social worker is working through adult services to get some funds, and my cpn was supposed to be working through NHS, but hasn't been, so not likely I'm getting in.

But visit a place a few times before making a decision.

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I'm hoping to get insurance to cover it but most of the nice ones are self pay and I definitely can't do that. I'm in the US so I'm looking around the whole country.

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I'm looking into Timberline Knolls near Chicago and the Ranch in PA. Any other suggestions are appreciated :)

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Thank you! I had never heard of insight. The refuge is out of network for my insurance, but that would have been a perfect fit. I've heard TK is extremely restrictive for ED, but as far as I can tell, everyone is housed together so a lot of the bathroom restrictions for ED apply to everyone. I could be wrong about that though.

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went to rogers memorial adolescent unit 7 years ago for ocd and depression and it was the jumpstart to getting my life on the right track. Its now rogers behavioral health. I know that at least some of the programs take insurance and they are pretty specialized to specific issue. Most of their residential programs are in wisconsin. Might be worth looking at.

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Rogers looks like a really good program! I wish I had found it earlier. I'm headed to the Ranch Pennsylvania on Saturday.

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I've been to two treatment centers. I was a minor during both. I was on a structured schedule, school, groups, therapy groups, one on ones, and family therapy. Family therapy for me was cancelled, the groups didn't help. I did pass out of one program successfully. But I relapsed. I think it all depends. If my life had been able to be stable after I was released then I may have been fine, but it wasn't. I don't find therapy helps me much. But it helps others. Meds I never liked. But I was on a bunch. I think it all depends.

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