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Triggering (SI) - Fell off the wagon

I had gone 5 days without cutting, I thought I was doing so well. The feeling had always been there though.

Last night however I lay in bed and I was already feeling low about myself and my husband was snoring his head off next to me, I crept out of bed and went and did it, it felt like such a relief at the time but I feel real guilty now.

Feel so low at the moment, just lay in bed crying all day so far, husband is out so he can't see me.

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First off congrats on your 5 days! 5 days is an accomplishment anyway you spin it! I know how hard it can be when you fall of the wagon and it can be really discouraging. Slipping up is a part of recovery(not a fun part but a part) and it happens to everyone while they're trying to quit. You're not alone. All you can do is keep trying and know that you're doing your best! Hope your doing ok!


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I can only echo what Izzy said sweetheart. I had my own slip up a few days ago and spent much of that day very distressed about it but the more you dwell on it, the more vicious the circle gets. Try and distract yourself from the fact that you slipped up and see today or tomorrow as a fresh start for you. xxx

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Danny R
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Try not to think of it in a negative way. Instead keep reminding yourself that you lasted 5 days, because 5 days is quite an acomplishment, however you look at it.

You went a whole 5 days without harming, now lets make that never again. To achieve perfection, everyone must make a mistake, because afterall, isnt that all perfection is...a modified mistake?

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you did amazing for not doing it in 5 days! dont beat yourself up about slipping up too much, slips happen with every addiction. Remember, pain is not the solution. but its not the end of the world either
try telling yourself "okay. this time i selfharmed, and thats okay. but NEXT time im going to try not to"

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*hugs so tight* Congrats for the 5 days hun i know how hard that can be !

sorry that things ain't well now hope you'll feel better soon , please take care of yourself x

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