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Exposure Therapy

I suggested to my psychologist that we try exposure therapy for my anxiety and dissociating and he replied back with inducing a scenario that will bring it. I'm not sure exactly what he means but was wondering if anyone here has tried exposure therapy? If you have what's involved? What happened? How did you find it? Did you think it helped/worked?

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I've never had this therapy but from what I know of it you usually make a list of situations that would make you anxious/dissociate (inducing a scenario) and list them in order from least scary to most scary and gradually work through exposing yourself to them with support and eventually alone. I don't have any personal info though, hope someone else can help. I hope the therapy is useful if you go ahead with it.

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I haven't specifically had Exposure Therapy but I did do a supported graded exposure programme for my fear of public transport and it was as one_step_closer said. I'm not really sure what to add except that ideally you need to be exposing yourself to the next step on your list a good three times a week until the anxiety has gone. The idea is that you don't feel overwhelmed, but that you repeat steps until it's relatively comfortable.

Worked brilliantly for me despite initial reluctance. I don't think twice about catching most buses/trains now. I would recommend giving it a go, and having someone who can support you in some way is helpful too.

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