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no one understands...i feel so alone

no one understands me i feel so alone
im not supposed to hate living in this home

the scars on my wrists tell the story of my life...but no one understands

abused for 6 years SI for 3

Not all scars show..not all wounds heal...sometimes we cant see the pain someone feels!!!!!!!!!!

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Sorry you feel this way.
You can always talk to us, we may not completely understand, but we will understand what you're going through and why it's difficult for you.
Do you want to talk about what's going on right now?

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There will be (sadly in a way) people out there is the same situation... and here there are people prepared to listen and help. If there is anything we can do all you have to do is ask, we are always here.

I hope your feeling a little better right now...

Luce x

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I'm sorry you're feeling so down...
Ditto to what everyone else said: Everyone here is glad to listen and help. You're not alone in this at all. If you ever want to talk I'm more than happy to listen.
Hope you're doing alright.

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