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I think i'm in love. this guy is amazing and all my friends and fam love him. he's a gentlemen and a sweetheart. but he weighs the same as me and is like 6'3. he eats constantly but just has a fast motabilism. but i feel huge that i rarely eat now. i dont want to start this up again. he keeps telling me i'm not fat that i'm perfect and i know that i should listen to him but its hard to when my brain is telling me i'm huge.

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I really think that you should try the hardest that you can to listen to those around you... because the ones that love you will tell you the truth and give you the best advice. You honestly really should not compare yourself to this boy. Boys body type and structure are all way different then girls so there really isnt much comapring that you can do.

it sounds like the relationship could really be a good one. If he says you are prfect in his eyes I really dont think that he is lying so pay close atention to his words and listen to him wisely. You are perfect just the way you are.

Best Wishes
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Listen to him when he tells you you are perfect! It sounds like this boy is looking out and he wouldn't want you to start losing weight, and he might feel it is his fault too.

Boys tend to have less body fat than girls and I've noticed that there are loads of lads in my school who are skinny so I think boys just don't start to put on weight until they get older, lucky things. Boys and girls have completely different body structures and proportion compared to girls so it's not worth comparing yourself to him.

Please try not to get too stressed out about his weight compared to yours, realtaionships are meant to make you feel good so try to enjoy it instead of stressing about weight.

Take care

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You should listen to him, if he says you're perfect then you are.
Don't compare yourself to him, there's really no point. Boys and girls are built in completely different ways, like girls naturally have more body fat because we need to carry babies which he doesn't have to worry about.
Try not to slip back into bad habits sweetheart.
Take care <3

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