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Need support

I'll be brief or at least I'll try to be. I've posted a couple of things under the bullying and abuse section and I've had very little support under the one entitled Priceless or worthless? And I've had zero response to the one entitled flashbacks. This really hurts because I'm trying my hardest to be supportive to as many people as I possibly can. I really could use support in that thread. I don't know if this is the place to do it to ask for this I mean but it seems like the right place. Thanks for listening.

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I'm sorry you are struggling. I know that the side boards do tend to be a lot slower in general to get replies. It's also often generally easier to keep posts together in one thread so that people can get a better idea of what's going on for someone. Spreading posts out in multiple threads over multiple boards can be harder to follow.

I don't personally tend to respond to posts related to abuse just because it's not stuff I really have experience with and because they can often be triggering to read. I cannot speak for anyone else. But none of us are professionals. We're all individuals with our own struggles who have to balance our own safety as well when we look at things.

Not getting replies isn't an indication of your worth or to suggest you are not worthy of support. Again, these forums are slow, and also there is a time zone difference. Keep in mind RYL is a UK based site, so most members are posting during the UK day. That also tends to delay replies for those of us in the US as well.

Do you have any outside or professional support right now? Reaching out here is good, but if you're struggling that badly it sounds like you could do with some support irl.

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This is happening, this is part of you.

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^ What Camden said.

If you find it easier to post anonymously online there might be more active forums out there. There is a thread here (link) about another forum.

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