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Awesome post!

Thanks for sharing :)

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Being honest, compulsive overeating is one of the things that I've always struggled to understand. The exact opposite of what eating disorders are consitered to be
its nice to see facts about both sides
anyone who has a problem needs help, not just thoes who have a 'glamourized ' problem

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Drop Dead Beautiful
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i have been COE all weekend
now i want to diet
i am back on the mikshakes
and i will do it this time
i am 100% commited

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Snow White.
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beautiful_mistake, I suggest you make a thread asking for support sweet. As something that was highlighted in the original thread: eating is important - especially if you do suffer from COE, you need to maintain regular meals to keep your metabolism going and also more helpful to prevent binging or overeating.

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OMG Thanks so much for this! I found the Old Behaviour - New Behaviour scheme very helpful. Thank you :)

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Mademoiselle Lola.
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COE it's so draining. I hate it.

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I wanted to say that your post really helped me today. I have been trying to recover from self-harm and self-loathing for most of my life. But truthfully, only recently have a really taken the idea to heart. I had gone 5 days without harming myself and then yesterday, I binged. I paid for it by having a night without sleep (I have a very serious reaction to sugar now...I get very sick...but I still can't seem to stop binging...and the health side effects recently cost me my job). wanted to continue the binge...but I, go online and look for help. Delay the you least. So, as I was reading...I thought about what you were saying...soothing myself, not going into self-loathing for what I'd done yesterday, taking positive steps and I went to fix myself something from my meal plan.

I wasn't mindful, obviously, because I continued reading...but you did help me slow down...because I was just reading that part as I started wolfing my I slowed down and just sat there with it, thinking about what my body needed.

Anyway, thank you for your help. I will probably be reading over this several times. One thing, is there a place to actually discuss your real problems...I know that is probably triggering...but...I have this need to be honest about how very out of control I've been and how I might find control again. Though, maybe...that is just a way to feel good about feeling maybe i should just look at recovery. I don't know.


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Snow White.
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Hey Laheyla, I'm glad it was helpful for you :) And welcome.
You can discuss your problems in this forum, the Eating Disorders Forum, and hopefully in doing so can give you some more support & you can feel better for getting it out there, yknow?
Keep fighting (this has helped me to read, so thank you) xxx

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[pretty on the inside]
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Thanks for posting :]
I’ll have to try some of these since I’m having a bit of a sh*t time right now.


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Perfectly Flawed
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thankyou for this x

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I found this post very interesting, when i eat something i can't stop. Ill start with a savory snack then want something sweet then savory this keeps going until i fell sick. I only tend to do this when i'm on my own and when i'm down. since my depression started a year ago i've put on over 3 stone. I thought it was the antidepressants and i would sort it when the depression was over but the depression wont go away. Now i've read this I'll try some distraction methods I've learnt. Thanks for the info.

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I hate myself. I can't stop eating. I want to lose weight. I keep saying this and never manage to do anything about it.

If you hear hoofbeats, think horses not zebras!

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Old 07-12-2010, 11:12 AM   #33
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Thatt wass amazing!! I think its really going to help me!! Thankyou!!! Xx

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Old 14-03-2011, 10:45 PM   #34
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Good advice + info :D some stuff i'd never heard before, which is always a relief - to know that i haven't tried everything and there's still hope i can stop my bulimia :)

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wow this is very helpful and i just found out there is a thing when u over eat.
uh oh..... that means i really do have COE :S im quite scared now but i feel better that im not alone in this :/

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Snow White.
I am a fairy.
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Hey Rebel, there's a forum about this if you want to pop in and meet some people, it's here :)

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Old 17-05-2011, 05:32 PM   #37
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Really nice and informative post, snow white. I had eating disorder few years ago, i felt really bad, but now i am OK, i was on some diets my belly was total mess. I wish good health to every body.

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Old 27-07-2011, 04:06 PM   #38
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hello there

This is pretty hard for me xx I have just binged eaten and realise I have a problem x I am 36 years old and have been of work since Feb with anxiety/depression and suspected OCD. I binge on food now and sometimes alcohol!

I have not told my doc or anyone about this yet because I feel such a failure and yet another thing thats wrong with me.

I am waiting on the list to see a psychologist but could be months before I see one . I dont go out much as I hate being out for too long.

I have piled weight on and am sinking fast ......feel hopeless

Sam x

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Thankyou for posting, it's something I will come back to to read over again

See You Space Cowgirl

Uni Student Thread <3

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* imagine.. *
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Fantastic post :)

thank you

"Sometimes in order to move forward,
you have to stop wishing for a better past..."

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