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Exhibitionist past is following me and someone knows who I am

A few years back I started posting naked pictures of my junk and face online. I am a male by the way. I was not getting the attention I wanted from women sexually, and I had been curious about guys (I identify as straight, with curious tendencies) and decided to start posting nude selfies and sexual things online. I deleted them after a bit but a few got on to other site. I have been able to delete most of the pictures of myself and hope to get the rest deleted ASAP, since I have found a few more. But when I search my old usernames other pictures show up.

Now my full name is not attached to any of these, but someone posted my first name on some pictures back in the day so I know no one can search for my pics byfull name, but I hate myself for what I did and worry every day they could ruin my career. They are hard to find unless you know the usernames I posted under and I am going to try and get them removed from as many of the sites as I can.

Should I worry that these could end me? I canít get over this stupid, stupid decision Iíve made in the past. I get that we all make mistakes, but I canít forgive or forget this one of mine since others have reposted these images(mostly on random sites that no one probably goes on, but still).

I recently had someone I used to talk (2 years ago...) to on an app find an old texting app username of mine that I never gave out and I am worried about what he may do. He just messaged me saying hey but I didnt open it. It can sort of give away my full name though, and I feel like he may know me personally. I wanted to delete the account but that may give it away... he just messaged me again as of 3 days ago...

I am sorry for the wall of text but I need help here on what to do. I am going to reach out to google to help me make the pics harder to find(they remove them from their search engine, but any other advice will help too.)

I am sick to my stomach and honestly freaking out. I love my family, my career, and I have worked hard to try and put this behind me but now it is following me and I need advice.

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This sounds like a tricky situation and I'm afraid I don't know the technicalities of the laws surrounding this. It sounds like you're already doing what I'd suggest, by asking for them to be taken down. Hopefully if you keep searching with your old username you'll be able to find any that are still around on different sites and I presume those sites would have to take them down at your request but I'm not certain?

Additionally, if you haven't done so already, I'd distance yourself as much as possible from any usernames that you used that link to this, i.e. change any existing usernames to something else.

I imagine you're aware of a lot of this, but I don't know if this page might be able to offer you some ideas:

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