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What to post/What not to post in Veterans Support

What to post/ What not to post in Veterans Support

Welcome to Veterans Support Board. This board is used in the same way as Serious Discussion but with a generally (but not exclusive) older population. The Virtual psych Ward is a place where you can go to feel safe and Survival- The Plumeria Family is a must read.

What to post here
  • Triggering posts with more adult content
  • Triggering posts if you want an older perspective on things
  • Any other posts on a more serious subject matter or needing support.
What not to post here

Any tip-sharing or glorifying of self harm
Topics purely relating to eating disorders maybe better suited to the Eating disorder board
Anything else which breaches the Terms and Conditions.

If you have any issues, please don't hesitate to contact a moderator, see staff listings.

Thank you :)

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This board is here for the older members of RYL. As this is a support board, please be aware that some threads may contain talk about self harm, and be triggering. Please take care.

Please use the labels when appropriate.
  • Contains ED - for when your thread talks about an eating disorder.
  • Contains Suicide - for when your thread talks about suicide.
  • Contains Abuse - for when your thread talks about either sexual, physical or emotional abuse.
Please also remember to abide by the RYL rules, and tip sharing is not allowed.


The forum moderators and the community team.

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