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What to Post / What Not to Post in this Forum

What to Post/What not to Post in the ED Board

Welcome to RYL's Eating Issues Forum. Here you can find all of the help and support you need to help with your Eating Issues, or to help someone you know who may be suffering from one. The members are a lovely lot, and will gladly answer any of your questions surrounding EDs, from Anorexia to Compulsive Over Eating.

Before you start posting, why not take a look at "The ED Board Introduce Themselves" thread, to get to know us and introduce yourself? Also, pop into Esther's Queendom, for a chat, to relax and to have some fun. I'd also recommend that you take a look at our Labelling Guidelines.

What to Post:
  • Any questions you may have surrounding EDs
  • Posts asking for support relating to your eating disorder, and how to fight it
  • Recovery Tips, ideas that have worked for you, discussion of inpatient treatment, therapy or other methods of treatment that could help other people.
  • Although diet tips are not allowed, advice on how to eat healthily is permitted
  • First Aid posts specifically relating to Eating Disorders are allowed, but you would be well advised to contact a First Aid advisor, or post in the First Aid Forum.
  • Recovery stories
  • Discussions of the negative side-affects of diet pills, laxatives or other weight-loss "medications", along with threads asking for advice on how to stop taking them.
  • Eating Disorder programmes and documentaries can be discussed, but only once they have been broadcast on TV, and there must not be any information about when the programme can be watched again.
What not to Post:
  • Anything glamourising/encouraging Eating Disorders
  • Posts asking for advice on how to starve/purge effectively, or any other form of tipsharing
  • Threads asking for advice on where to purcahse diet pills/laxatives, mentioning of brand name pills or discussion of which are the best ones to use
  • Anything from, or links to "Pro-ED" sites, triggering links or "thinspiration" of any form
  • Dieting or exercise tips
  • Although you may discuss other forms of self-harm, posts specifically asking for help about non-ED subjects would be better suited to their respective forums. In the same way, please keep all rant-style posts to the Ranting and Venting forum.
  • Posts must not be made giving details about an upcoming Eating Disorder programme, when it is to be broadcast/repeated or how it can be watched online.
  • Any form of numbers, or 'ED stats' such as weight, BMI, number of days fasted.
  • Food lists.
  • The terms 'ana' and 'mia' also must not be posted, due to their pro nature.
Finally, I would like to draw your attention to the board description:

"A recovery forum for the support and discussion of Eating Disorders. "
Although we will not try to force anyone to recover here, recovery should and will be encouraged at all times.

If you have any questions, or if you see something on the board which you feel either breaks the RYL Rules of Posting, or doesn't fit these guidelines, please contact a forum moderator, or use the "Report" button.

Thanks :)

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Regarding the mention of Purging/Laxative Use/Compensatory Methods

If posted within this forum, Binging, Overeating & Related Issues Support:
- Discussion of purging & compensating (laxatives/exercise) can be discussed, however it must be not too triggering (i.e. detailed) and the main part of support should be for the binge.

- example: "I binge so much and then I purge, I am tired of purging how can I stop binging?"

If posted in the Eating Disorder Support:
- Purging & compensating methods can be discussed in more detail, and if they are the main problem/focus of the post it should go in the main eating disorder forum. Especially true for complications regarding the purging/compensating behaviours, such as if you want support for purging blood or needing to go to the hospital, suchlike.

- example: "I binge and purge, the purging makes me feel x and y, and the doctor said my purging was causing x problem, how can I stop purging?"

As always; please DO NOT glamorise the act of purging/laxative use through language such as "i feel so much better when i purge" as this may encourage others to engage in this damaging behaviour.

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Labeling threads

These boards are here so you can talk about issues with eating.

A positive recovery post has been added for when you have done something positive and towards recovery.

Please remember to abide by the RYL rules and the new eating disorder rules.

If you need to post about other issues, such as self injury, substance abuse, or abuse, please make sure you use the correct boards.

If you need first aid advice, please post in the first aid forum.


The forum moderators and the community team.

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