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New here...

Hello, I came across this site while searching info about self harm. I don't usually use forums like this but I need more support than I'm getting at home.

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Hi StephanieAnn!! I've Only Been On This Site For Like A Week Now But It Has Helped Tons!! Just Remember That Even Though Support At Home Doesn't Seem Enough Right Now.. Doesn't Mean There Isn't Any Support. I Hope You Feel Comfortable Here And I'm Happy Your Looking For Support <3

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Hey welcome to RYL, Its great that you're looking to recover and get support so Hopefully You'll find this place helpful to you and start your journey to recovery.

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Hi Stephanie, welcome to RYL. :)

The RYL rules are here, or you might find the support forums helpful:
  • General Support and Advice:
    Support and advice on any general topic such as home life, school and relationships.
  • Self Injury Discussion:
    Covers all areas of self injury.
  • Mental Health Discussion:
    Information, advice and support on all mental health related topics including issues related to depression, mania, psychosis, medication or inpatient stays.

Otherwise, you are always welcome to email the RYL Supporters by clicking on LiveHelp and leaving a message or emailing

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