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Distraction ideas when you're isolated.

I'm very isolated at the moment.
I only have two or three friends that live nearby and I have little to no company during the day since I've been on maternity leave.

I am going absolutely insane and feel so depressed. Everyday seems to blend into one and I can't escape my thoughts.

Do you guys have any distraction ideas/things I can do alone?
I'd really appreciate it.

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Do you still have your keyboard?
Also making a scrapbook for photos when the baby is born?

love you xx

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Hey, As Christmas is coming up could you make gifts or cards or do something crafty?

I made all my gifts one year, I found a lot of them were quite simple..for example sugar bath scrubs (sugar and some form of essence) in a nice jar with a pretty (handmade) label?

I don't know if you enjoy baking but usually there are lots of delicious recipies floating around this time of year.

Life can be beautiful if you let it.
Step back, breathe and take it in

Taking part in RED JANUARY running or being active everyday in January raising money for mind.
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Get a Kindle! I couldn't be without mine. Best gift ever ❤️

Imperfection is underrated.

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Thank you guys for your suggestions, they are really helpful <3

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sherlock holmes
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My boyfriend was playing a game called Cities Skylines that looked interesting and he said calmed him down. I had a go and it was great, you build your own city and sort things like electricity and water, schools, police, transport, taxi, zoning etc. A bit like sim city. And I ended up playing for hours, it was a great distraction.

It's expensive to buy I think but Dave said he got it cheaper on Steam. Or maybe find a similar game to play that is absorbing?

Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back, everything is different…

you once called your brain a hard drive, well say hello to the virus.

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