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Trying to make sense

My head starts pounding,my knees begin to shake. I need is so bad, Iím loosing my faith. Donít knowwhat to say, no not anymore. So donít say a word, just shut the door. Turn awayas if it never happened, or never will. What you donít see, you donít careabout.

Raw is everything I feel.Itís the overwhelming pounding in my head. Itís the **** I think and donít say.Everything Iím scared of is raw. Some people donít understand me. Thatís fine.And those people, will never know the raw real me.
Some days I donítreally want to get out of bed. And go to class. Or work. Or the ****ingbathroom. Nowhere but that goddamn bed. I hate the person I see when I look inthe mirror. I hate any split second that Iím forced to look at my body. Itdisgusts me. But Iím trapped inside myself. I canít stand the sound of my voiceany longer. Itís hard to really open up to anyone and talk about something foran extended period of time without changing the subject abruptly. I findeverything I say to be whinny and ****ing pathetic.

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Hi there, hope you're ok. If this is how you're feeling, it might be hard to believe, but I know how you feel. This text is very raw and emotional, I like it. PM me if you'd like to chat xx

"And sometimes when our fights begin,
I think I'll let the Dragons win...
And then I think perhaps I won't,
Because they're Dragons, and I don't."

A. A. Milne - Now We Are Six

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Hi, hope you're doing ok. Nothing you say is whiney or's just how you feel and that's fine. It's easy to say but I get it, I hardly ever talk to people about anything serious because it feels like I'm just dumping all my crap on them. But a friend of mine showed me a song that sometimes helps me realise that they don't mind listening. Maybe you should check it out.
PM me anytime :)

"Some things you can't go back to 'cause you let them slip away" - Little Big Town

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