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I'm new here

Hi, my name's Kim, I found this site off of google and figured I'd try it. For half my life my dad has been trying to kill my family and even though he's gone (hopefully for forever) I still feel like I can't function normally. Major depression and high anxiety, I sh every once and a while too. But nothing major, just rubberbands and like, punching myself and purposely getting hurt. I'm 12 by the way. Other than that, music is what keeps me here today!

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The Shadow of the Day
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Hi Kim, welcome to RYL. I hope you find it helpful here. Please get in touch at any time. Take care.

I put it down on paper and then the ghost does not ache so much.

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Hi Kim, it sounds like you've been having a really rough time, I really hope things are starting to get better for you. You seem very mature for your age! I hope you find it helpful here, I have so far :) Contact me if you'd like to talk,

Stay safe xx

"And sometimes when our fights begin,
I think I'll let the Dragons win...
And then I think perhaps I won't,
Because they're Dragons, and I don't."

A. A. Milne - Now We Are Six

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Hi Kim,
Welcome to RYL :)
Lottie x

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Hello and welcome to RYL,
I hope you find the help/support you're looking for from here,
Here are a few useful links...
Check out the Rules here.
Check out the Guide to RYL.
Also you may PM me if you need.

All the best,

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Hi Kim ~

Awe man, that sucks :c I'm glad you're safe from your daddy now though<3

Yeah, music is my lifeline too ^.^

If you ever need to talk let me know:3

As with the self harm you mentioned just be careful you don't let it progress, kay sweetie?

Much Love and the Best of Luck ~

You may lose the battle, but keep fighting the war.
"I'm scaring myself, I don't know the girl in the mirror now"
"How can you know? How can you stay in control when all that you know is falling apart?"
"Time's racing please slow down, i gotta find my way out, I'm hopless but hoping.."
RIP Lewis Thelwall - 26/11/12
ILOVEYOU- remember that c:

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RainDrop Munchkin
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hey kim

welcome to the site hope you get all the support you need
feel free to pm me anytime :) x

shay x

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Hi Kim
Welcome to RYL
PM me if you need anything
Take care
Kat xxx

"Recovery is something that you have to work
on every single day and it's
something that doesn't
get a day off."

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