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SI Question - cleaning cuts

Whats the best thing for cleaning fresh cuts with?

At the moment i am using Tesco Clear Skin wipes (supposed to be for clearing pores and doing anti-bacterial stuff)

Not really sure whats safe to use and whats not? Havent had a problem with the skin wipes so far, though they sting like hell...

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Antiseptic wash

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Antiseptic wash or you could use some warm salt water.



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I normally use a antiseptic wipe and apply antibotic to it and cover it with a bandaid.

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Best to use normal saline to clean wounds but going to cost some $$ to get it from the chemist. The next best solution is just plain soap and water then apply pressure with a clean towel on the wound, then dress the wound appropriately like the wound care faq would suggest. I would avoid using skin wipes for the face, as it contains multiple different chemicals in the solution which might irritate the wound and cause further scaring on the wound thus maybe delaying the healing process.

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^but not a fluffy towel!

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