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Contains Suicide - Almost Lost Someone and it still effects me

So on September 27th of last year I came so close to losing someone who meant a lot to me and I was the one who was talking him down, by myself may I add. I didn't know where he lived, but knew he didn't live in the address the police would have for his family so I knew that wasn't a option, and I tried reaching out to some of his other friends for help but they wouldn't help me. It was a stressful night for me, and it didn't help that I almost missed his message that he needed help... I was able to talk him down(thank God) but afterwards things would start triggering me to go back to that night, they were like flashbacks. They have gotten better over time but the only way to make them fully gone is to talk to him.

Yes I do realize that this may not truly qualify to be on this forum but I was hoping that you guys may be able to help.
I just want to know has anyone else ever been though this? Or maybe have some ideas to help deal with the "flackbacks"?

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Sorry for the late reply. That sounds like such a distressing situation, you were alone in a desperate time. No wonder you are still feeling the effects of it. Sometimes it can help to write down what happened and how you were feeling, read over it, and destroy what you have written as if you are destroying the clarity of the memories and the painful emotions. It might also help for you to phone a family member or friend or even a helpline when you have had a flashback to talk through how you are feeling in the here and now.

Take care and I hope you find a way to cope.

I put it down on paper and then the ghost does not ache so much.

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