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Contains sexual abuse - support groups

Hi, i dont post in this forum very often but im looking for a bit of advice. Ive been seeing a counsellor at relate for a while now and a couple of weeks ago i finally told her that i was r***d. Its been really difficult to talk about but im quite proud that after 7 and a half years ive finally told someone.

Anyway, basically after the things ive been talking about she suggested that it might be good for me to go to some sort of r*** survivors support group to listen to others stories so that i cansee that how i reacted to the situation wasnt wrong or wasnt stupid or whatever. She thinks it would help and said i didnt have to say anything i could just go and listen. So shes sent me of with this task and ive been looking on the internet and i cant find any kind of support group. It is all counselling which im having already and dont need, i dont want to talk to anyone else about what happenened at all so i guess im just looking for any information any one has on this kind of group. Kind of like an AA group but for r*** or sexual abuse. Does anyone know of any? anywhere in the country would be a start but in the nottingham area would be better.

The only thing ive found is the nottingham rape crisis centre but i cant really see what theit services are without ringing them and that is making me very anxious and i dont think i canring.

Any help would be great, thank you!



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I don't know how relevant this is but I found a childhood sexual abuse survivor group:

and other similar service:

With rape crisis they normally have an email, would you feel better about asking them what they have that way? Or asking someone to ring on your behalf?

This one has an email and seems to link with a lot of services. You could try contacting them and explaining what it is you are looking for?

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Hey, thank you for your reply! Ive emailed the r*** crisis place and the womens centre but not had any reply from them :s

I can't seem to find anything else so hopefully one of them will reply with something!


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I don't have much to add but have you tried looking into Womens Aid around you? In my area they do support groups for a number of issues including the ones you are enquiring about.

x Katie x

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