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Contains sexual abuse - Not sure how to deal.

I work in a nightclub in a city centre, and often we do hear about attacks.

This week I've been in for quite a few shifts, and last week a girl (no-one we know) was raped in the lane beside our club. At the beginning of every shift our manager has been discussing it, mainly to urge people to be careful when walking home.

I find it really, really hard to listen to stories about rape/sexual assault. And it's been 3 times this week I've had to listen to the same story.

It's a bad area and it happens every few months but it's just this one was particularly brutal and that's why they keep mentioning it to make sure all staff know.

Does anyone else have trouble listening to these stories?

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I am currently:

i have a lot of trubble listening to storys along them lines. i will listen if a friend need to talk about it but other than that i try to cut off from it.
Even story lines on the TV trigger me. the word r*** is horrid for me to read an more so to hear.

i dont really have any advice for you about it, but your not on your own in that one. x x x

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If there's something on the tv id turn it off or leave the room. But it's just out of my control in this situation, i can't walk out of a staff briefing.

Later on the bar people were talking about it and saying that it only happened at midnight "why didnt the girl just scream for help" (as in, it's a fairly busy area). I know it wasn't intended this way but I just thought people were sounding a bit judgemental, as if the girl chose for this to happen because she didnt do enough to stop it. It was 2 guys that attacked one girl. So they could have easily stopped her from screaming.

Also I never caught part of the conversation because I was trying to avoid it, as far as I know this girl DID report it because the men were caught. But one of my friends was saying something along the lines of 'I mean obviously the second it happened you would go to the police, I don't know why anyone wouldn't". I mean yes, ideally, but sometimes it's hard and people can't bring themselves to.

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