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The Silent Medic
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Time off work because of a mental breakdown

Has anyone experienced this? I am having to take some time off work because of a mental breakdown. No one at work knows why I am taking the time off and thank goodness my doctor told the boss that it is due to medical reasons. Now its a matter of dealing with the phone calls and texts but I can understand the concern from coworkers. So is there anyone out there that can somewhat relate?


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How long r u having off? ? You could tell them straight or say its a bad back or somthing :) x

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You could just say your having some personal issues atm?

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Mrs Sam
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I have experience of this. Was at work on the Thursday and was in hospital on constant obs by the Thursday evening.

For me work were really good and allowed me to "work from home" rather than it going down as sick. I was also allowed to stagger my return.

However for this to happen work knew what was going on (I had a meeting with my MD while on day leave from hosp). So I think depending on what sort of company it is you might get more support if you talk to at least one of your bosses.


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Not quite. I have left 2 jobs due to mental 'issues' though.

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I had time off..but then they got rid of me "though made it look like i'd quit).

Some employers are better than others, i probably just got unlucky

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I'm currently into my fourth week of being off work due to anxiety and depression. Work aren't being great about it, but I've been nothing but honest about why I'm off. I've had a bit of pressure about going back, and ifhtly, or wrongly, I went back a couple of week's ago and lasted about three hours and they've been a bit better since. I'm going back part time next week (one day in, one day holiday kinda thing) and thn I'm on holiday for a week.

I'm struggling to cOme to terms with people knowing why I've been off, it's been something I've hidden from people for so long, but it's the best thing to do.

Sorry that there's no words of advice, but I'd suggest being as honest as you can tithe people that NEED to know and I hope you feel better soon x

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