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Does anyone know of any interesting famous chemists?

I need to write a mini biography on a famous chemist. I've been looking online and there's just so many! I don't know who to choose. And every time I try to see what one of them are famous for, it's something I don't understand at all lol. So does anyone have any ideas of who I could write about?

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Maybe you could try researching about what one of the ones you looked up, so that you understand what they're famous for. I would imagine that what brought any chemist to fame will be complex to at least some extent.

What subject are you studying?

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Mrs Sam
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What about dmitri mendeleev? He first "designed" the periodic table and used it to predict properties of unknown elements. He also looks like. Proper mad scientist.

It's pretty much the basis for all chemistry.

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avogadro (as in avogadro's constant), Kekulé (he discovered the structure of benzene in a dream about a snake lol), Faraday(though he was kind of a chemist and a physicist), Cotton (studied transition metals and authored over 1500 articles), erm... I will probably come up with more soon

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Marie Curie

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Marie Curie, Linus Pauling, Roy J. Plunkett

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Whispered Secret
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What names have you come up with so far? I'm a chemistry student so hopefully I'll be able to explain what they did and the chemistry behind it (it'll be good revision for me as well). PM me if you need any help :) xx

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