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General Medical Question - Non Urgent - Hope you dont mind me asking this, but piercing won't heal

These are my first piercings, just basic earlobe piercings had them done in the middle of february my left ear has healed with no problem and no scar tissue but my right won't seem to adjust. It's fine as long as I keep the same earrings in but it has huge scar tissue around the hole about the size of a pea. If I change my earring it will almost heal a little or crust making it painful to replace or move earrings, it causing bleeding and if I don't keep it clean, infection and inflammation. I use salt water and keep the earrings clean I'm not sure how to encourage healing or whether to let them seal? Which would be a shame as I do like wearing them. Can anyone recommend anything? I'm really no expert on piercings and don't know who to ask about it.. So hope you don't mind me posting here.

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Are they stud earrings? When I had mine done ages ago, they did a similar thing with the stud earrings in. My Mum took them out after a while and put in what she calls sleeper earrings (these type-, my ears healed properly after a week of wearing them.


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Were they done with a gun? Sounds like it...
This is one of the reasons piercing guns are really bad.

Are you doing sea salt soaks twice a day? The correct solution is one teaspoon of SEA SALT (the lumpy crystal kind not normal table salt) into a mug of boiling water (straight out of the kettle), waiting for it to be cool enough to be bearable on your skin (do not add cold water as this will make it un-sterile) and soaking your ears for as long as possible. Do not rotate or change the earrings and make sure that the backs are not to tight. If the lump doesn't go I would go to a piercing studio (Generaly can be found in tattoo shops) and ask the piercer about what to do.

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Is there any chance that you have a minor, chronic infection in it? That would cause inflammation and stop it healing properly.

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I'd recommend mostly what Flem (femme fatale) has said. Decide what earrings you want in (though have a good quality pair, not a really cheap one), leave them in and don't play with them. Clean them as she's put and leave them for a few weeks. Provided the lump isn't hot/ red then it's likely not to be infection and it sounds more like it's scar tissue. Sadly some people are left with that for life. Some it does reduce and some it goes completely. It (along with infections) is much more common with (though not solely down to) piercing guns due to how harsh they are (and with infections the way how the whole thing isn't sterilised). So what I'm saying is unless it's hot/ red then leave it for now as it's likely to be scar tissue/ similar. If it is then leave the earrings in place but see a doctor. If it is 'scar' tissue then it may or may not go down given time and often even if it does you're left with a remnant of it.

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Thanks everyone, I will do another month or so with the same earrings and washing only. It was a piercing gun, I didn't realise they were so troublesome. Now I know how to clean it properly I will do so, I don't think the actual lump is infected as its just a hard lump no puss or redness, it only becomes painful or red after replacing earrings. Thanks so much!

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I have a hard lump on my cartilage piercing (scaffold) apparently because I kept fiddling with my bar while it was healing (I think I first changed the bar after about two days, which was stupid). Someone told me that if you have good quality earrings, it reduces the risk, but I think once it's happened (and you've tried the tips above) it's kind of tough.

If it bothers you, it's best going back to the place where you had it pierced or another piercing shop and ask for their opinion.

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