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feeling alone (TW)

I'm suppose to be trying to stop cutting but sometimes when I'm alone it doesn't turn out well. Like the other day I was so desperate and was willing to use anything sharp in my dorm room and I don't want to give tips or whatever so I guess I'll leave it at that. And tonight I was alone when my roommate went out and I b/p and cut again and finals are coming up and I'm going to be alone a lot probably studying and stuff and I just don't know I had to get this out,

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Is there anyone who you could spend time with or even stay with the days/nights you will be alone? Also, you could try different distractions when you start to feel like you want to harm.

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yeah i try and spend time with friends but there comes a time where like they have things to do and then I'm left by myself and those moments don't turn out well

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For when you need to study, maybe try going somewhere else? Like the library or a starbucks? That way you are alone to study, but still around other people. And if anyone else knows of your struggles, tell them that you are having trouble being alone, and maybe they can help.

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I'm sorry you are finding it difficult to be alone, though it is good you are able to identify it as a triggering time because at least you can plan around that and think about what you can do.

I like the above suggestions of going out at the times when you need to study and there won't be anybody around. I often go to a cafe if I am feeling unsafe and read my book etc, it's not as scary as it may seem and it does take the intensity away.

Also, you could have a think in advance about what you could do for the times you are going to be alone in the dorm? What distractions could/would work for you? Perhaps have a crisis plan ready in advance so you don't have to think about what to do when you are already in that crisis situation.

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