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Infection - Simple Infection question

I relasped last night and today the cuts are hot and they are really tender. I think I should have gotten stitched and it bled a lot. Anyways, it has a greenish discharge oozing from it. Is it an infection and if so, what can I do for it? I don't want to loose my arm or anything hahaha.

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Greenish discharge probably isn't a good sign, so it'd be a good idea to get it looked at. There's the Infection guide on main site.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Definitely an infection. The infection guide should help, like Aunty T said, but if you're still unsure, or things aren't getting better, or if more signs of infection show up (see infection guide) then you should go to a doctors. Infections can be really nasty and dangerous so take it serious if things get worse or don't respond to your own treatment of it.

Take care. *hugs*

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Really with the wounds being reddish and stuff the same day/ day after, that in itself is inflammation, not neccesarily infection and often infection isn't seen until 3days after a cut. Saying that though the green discharge often is a sign of infection as it is pus and if a really bad infection sets in it can do so a lot quicker so yes, if you haven't already I'd go and get this checked out to see. If the discharge is just clear- straw coloured however that is just totally normal.

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