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I need a strategy, help!

So I'm going to a St. Patrick's Day party on Saturday and I know that there will be lots of junk food. I'm freaking out! I've been super stressed out lately. Last Friday, when my roommate had friends over, I didn't necessarily overeat, but I ate some things that I wish I hadn't. I could have stopped before I did, but I didn't. I even made some of it! I know I gave in because of that stress.

I really want to use this party as an excuse to make more sweets (I love to bake and I'm good at it, but the problem is, if I bake something I'll want to eat it haha).

I know having some junk food is okay once in a while, but I don't want to eat things just because they're there either, which I have a habit of in social situations. I mean, they're usually lined up on the counter or table, practically inviting me to binge. I know I have a bad habit of thinking "oh, I've gotta try this because I'll probably not have a chance to so again!" So I try it and one bite turns into just a handful and ... well, you get the picture. I know this is a common way of thinking among people who have the same problems I do with food and it's not right. I need to stop.

Parties are supposed to be about being around friends and goofing off, not about the food. I don't want that to be the focus of this for me. What I really need (what with all the stress i've been under) is to hang out, not junk food and booze.

I can't just avoid parties because of my problem, that's not healthy either. One thing I know I can do is bring something healthy for us to much on instead. Other people will be bringing sweet things, so I will allow myself to have one of them, or if I must have more than one type, I'll have half of no more than two.

Any other suggestions for this and future gatherings?

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I'm sorry that you didn't receive any replies to this post. I know this area of the boards is quite quiet. However, I appreciate it is never nice to receive replies so please know you are a valued member of RYL and I personally am sorry this happened.

How did the party go? It sounds like you had some good ideas and I hope that it went well for you.

Lottie x

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I think bringing something healthy sounded like a good strategy. Hope it worked well for you. Wish I had some suggestions for the future but I'm a bit low on strategies myself :-/

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