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A lesser evil?

I was talking to one of my closest friends about me SI'ing and purging, and she asked what the push to purge was, and then what the push to cut was. I told her that purging in my mind was easier, and I was purging more than cutting.
She said "You've justified the action, as harmful as it is. You're losing sight of how wrong both actions are by saying to yourself that one is a lesser evil"

So I was wondering if anyone agrees, or disagrees? I mean, I know both things are wrong and harmful, but I dont really think that one is a lesser evil? And I'm at the point where I'm either doing one or the other most days, and can't help wondering which is "better" to do. Make sense?


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Both cutting and purging are dangerous in their own ways. Mentally, the are both poor coping skills.

Physically, cutting leaves scars, blood loss, nerve damage, risk of hitting a vein, etc. And yes, it can kill you if you cut too deep and lose too much blood without help

Purging can cause long and short term health problems. Just from purging ONCE there is the change of heart attack, as electrolyte imbalances cause heart arrhytmias. Malnutrition, damaged esophogus, cancer, major digestive consequences, hemmoraging, etc. Purging is extremely dangerous.

There is no lesser evil.

These are both self destructive and dangerous, as well as represesnt underlying problems that cannot be solved with these behaviors.

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^ Couldn't have said it better.

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I think along those same lines a lot with regards to my different forms of self harm and ED. But Jess and your friend are both right. They're both wrong and very dangerous.

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