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The War Doctor
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WWE/Wrestling in general

If the WrestleMania 28 thread was anything to go by, there are at least a handful of former and current wrestling fans on RYL, so I think it's about damn time we had our own thread. A place where we can discuss this absurd pseudosport without having to worry about looking uncool. Because this is RYL, and we're all terribly uncool anyway.

Some discussion topics to get things going: Your opinion on current storylines (for example, the "surprise" return of Brock Lesnar)? Favourite wrestler? Least favourite? Favourite matches? Do you still watch wrestling? Do you watch TNA because you like it, or because it's like watching a trainwreck and you can't look away? If you quit watching wrestling, what was the reason? And so on.


Oh, and if at all possible, let's not bring up the Chris Benoit tragedy. It's a flame war waiting to happen.

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TNA was a real threat to WWE a few years ago, but mainly due to the amazing exploits of the X-Division and its vast array of talent. It was a real alternative to the rather mundane and middle of the road acts WWE has been peddling since the attitude era was dumped (although those same acts still limp on today). I personally switched to escape the Booker-T’s, Mr Anderson’s and Hulkster’s of this world…only to be stunned a few years down the line to find they are all part of the TNA roster.
And the X-Division? Dismantled. Those ejected: Sonja Dutt, Elix Skipper, Jay Lethal (Black Machismo!), Petey Williams, Senshi (Low Ki), Amazing Red, etc…
Replaced by? Well, Austin Aries aside, zip. Nothing.
TNA’s biggest mistake was ditching the six sided ring. How I miss the six sides of steel matches…and the World X cup…
A pseudo sport, yes, but one which (for some odd reason) seems to want to take itself far too seriously these days. Alas, gone are the gimmicks, the managers! I haven’t seen gold like this in years…

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No current storylines are really catching my attention, they all seem contrived to me. I mean, Punk and Jericho is another Rock Cena; Cena and Lesnar is another Rock Cena. Kane's is just continuing from the nothingness that came from him and Cena.
Favourite wrestlers are: Cody Rhodes, Wade Barrett, CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler. I hated Miz when he was first the WWE Champion, but then I grew to love him over time, his in-ring improvement especially.
I can't stand Cena, purely because of his gimmick that never changes. If given the time, he can put on a good match though.
The Big Show and Mysterio are my least favourite wrestlers. It's about time they both retired in my opinion. Big Show injured two superstars in a week recently and he has no place in the ring.
Del Rio is a boring character who I can not stand, but he is a great wrestler.
TNA bores me to death, I tried watching it a few times but couldn't last more than 30 minutes.

So yeah, I might be a wrestling fan!


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