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Raw vegan diet?

I have suffered from depression and anorexia/bulimia for a few years. Right now I'm in an awful bingeing rut, and I think I need to try something drastic to get me out of it. Do any of you have experience with the raw vegan lifestyle? I have been vegan (with no added salt or sugar) in the past and it helped me keep my weight under control, and I'm thinking of trying it again. I'll probably allow myself a bit of dairy once or twice a week, because I'm a big fan of posh cheeses, and I might not go completely raw, mostly because I want to be able to occasionally eat oatmeal. So maybe I'll allow myself one day per week when I am allowed cheese, seafood, and cooked foods. Plus I'll avoid salt and added sugar.

The more I think about starting this, the more excited I feel. Does anyone have any tips for transitioning to this?

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I agree with Carmen.

But I can totally relate. Just be careful, because the more you read and stuff the more obsessed you get, the more restrictive, and just plain sucked into it. There are definitely some great healthy recipes and benefits and trying the recipes are fun. Just realize, if you are going to choose a raw vegan diet, you need to not just live off of vegetables, but get in your seeds and proteins, etc.

I'm saying this all from experience. I was/still am to an extent to the point that I became severely malnourished and close to death in a hospital for two months.

If you are doing this to be restrictive or to feed your ED, please try not to go too far and turn this into orthorexia.

I'm here if you want to chat. Message me if you want, I'd love to help.


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