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I will be leaving for a bit :(

After everything that's kicked off with the ex fiance, splitting up and that, he's now kicked me out with nowhere to go.
Hopefully going to a refuge today because of all the stuff he's said and done the past 5 years so I won't be on so much now unfortunately. I really don't want to have to leave but I don't think I'll have internet access or anything.
People are always welcome to add me on Facebook and stuff though cos I'm living on there at the moment but I just thought I'd let all you guys know that I won't be around so much lately and to apologise for not being around much this past week.

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I'm sorry things suck so much for you at the moment. All the best and hope to see you back here soon (for the right reasons.)

Каждому, каждому в лучшее верится,
Катится, катится голубой вагон!

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Be safe x

Mand, 27, South Wales, Mummy to Chloe and jelly-baby Ella-Mae

Mand x

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Hi Stacie,

I know we haven't really spoken but I'm sorry to hear about the situation you are in. I hope that you get a place in a refuge and that you are kept safe from your ex.

Take care lovely,


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