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This is more of a rant than a support thing, I guess.

Is it just me, or does it really bother you that when informercials or whatever are showing like a "typical teenage girl" worrying about their weight, (and how they shouldn't worry, etc) they show someone who's completely skin and bones. There are average sized people who worry just as much. You don't have to look like you;re starving to have an eating disorder. Someone who I trusted completely, and told them about my bulimia, said "That doesn't make sense. You aren't super skinny, but you look normal!"

And when, (only example I can currently think of is in katy parry's "fireworks") media is showing someone "ashamed" of how they look, they use someone who is larger than "average" but still usually in a normal weight range. I would bank everything in sayign that its not only them who are "ashamed".

I don't intend for this to sound disrespectful in any way, just getting something off my chest here.

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