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Graphic - what are good ways too stop self harming - i feel overwhelmed

last time i cut i sliced a vain :( and had stitches and was sectioned.
i don't want to go to a mental hospital again but...
yet i feel the urge to s/i i'm so scared

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for me, spending a lot of time outside helps reduce the urge to cut. Try reading or drawing something to distract youself as well - don't give up :)

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Look up "The Butterfly Project." There's a link to it on RYL, somewhere.

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Honestly..I don't know a similar situation. But am thinking of you & wishing you little as that helps.

I'm spending a lot of time on YouTube, DVDs, music, making sure I'm not at home where it's a lot easier to SI. Doesn't help at night, though, I know. If you're working or studying, try to dive into that, maybe. Saw a suggestion the other day to take up making your own YouTube video/s; guess anything intricate/absorbing like that might help you. Scrapbooking/craft/art. Play video/computer games, go for a hardcore run or exercise session, if it's medically safe for you to do (endorphins can help calm urges, I used to find).

Really am wishing you the best. Sorry I can't help more.

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Sounds silly, but i often wear white, which means if i want to cut i know it will stain the clothes with sometimes helps me no to :)

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I think posting a thread like this is a great start because it's clear that you want help to stop self harming, and that is the biggest step you are ever going to have to take with the self harming.

A good place to start on what will help, is working out your motivations for giving up self harm. You wrote about not wanting to end up in hospital again - which is definitely a good motivator! Is there anything else that motivates you?

I wonder if starting a self harm recovery notebook would be helpful for you? All my stuff I've actually put on a poster so that I can see it straight away. On the first pages you could put your reasons for wanting to give up self harm. You could also write down some goals and dreams that you have, if self harm was not an issue.

As you go along, you will work out what is helpful for you in terms of distractions. For me personally, distractions aren't always that helpful. I tend to have to sit out the urges but every time I do this, I prove to myself that I can! Or I just have to get out of the house so that I can't hurt myself.

It's important to find a new coping mechanism as that is what your self harm was to you. I think for me, I have found that writing is one of my ways to cope with difficult situations and also talking, lots of talking!! That could be with a helpline or someone you trust.

As you have been in hospital, are you getting any follow up support?

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Distractions are great. I rant for PAGES in my journal when i want to cut and that helps...just let it all out. I know it doesn't get rid of the urge to feel the pain but...not much you can do about that :/ Maybe go outside, or go surround yourself with people, in a store where you know you wont self harm.

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