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Dismissed due to ill health

As the title says, I am due to be dismissed from work on tuesday due to ill health. They have been very good with me and this is the end of a long journey (3years of sickleave in the last 4 years).

What can I expect? Would I be better off resigning? Would I be entitled to any benefits? Do I have any rights? Im really upset about this, I loved my job..I want to do the right thing for me. Ive never been in this situation before

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I was in this bad situation some years ago too.

You won't need to claim Job Seekers Allowance as you'll be classed as "unfit to work" at the moment. You should be able to get benefits because of that.

Incapacity benefit is based on a doctors note so it doesn't make much difference whether you resign or they dismiss you ( i.e. if either option feels less painful choose that one.)

As far as I know you still get the forms from Job Centre Plus. (You can do that over the phone.)

As said above you are likely to be entitled to DLA (Disability Living allowance) too.

The best advice I can give you is get an advice agency to help. Frankly the benefit system can be really stressful when you are ill, and benefits law changes all the time. (The Mind charity in my area has a benefits worker - so that might be worth checking, otherwise citizen's advice bureau or a local advice centre.)

I read your thread in vets sometimes - sorry I've not had much to offer in reply- but I see what a bad time you are having, and that you need to focus on getting into a safer state both physically and mentally.

look after yourself (as much as you possibly can.)

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im sorry ive never been in this situation so im probably not much help.

But my heart goes out to you and im so sorry this has happened.

i know you feel really bad right now, i cant imagine how you must be feeling but please please try and look after yourself as best you can.

Thinking of you.

xx xx

i do not always manage to be around but i wish you all the very best - love and luck to you all!

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Also unless you've claimed incapacity benefit you'd need to claim Employment and Support Allowence as IB doesn't exist now for new claimants.


i know this probably seems confusing and scary, it did for me too. i was at uni then working but die to my MH lost my job and was thrown into the world of benefits. my best advice is get help where you can. i got help with DLA and ESA and thankfully have been given both without a fight. If you need any help with them just PM me and i'll tell you everything i had to do.

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