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Where I live by the university, there is a staffed "store"/locker location. So if you don't want to pick items up in the lockers, you can go to the desk and staff can get it for you and hand it to you. I don't know if there would be a location like that near you as an option, unsure how common they are. But I prefer doing that, as I can check in to get the package in the store, then just wait a couple of minutes for them to get it, show my id, and I get it. I *think* you can also get a barcode instead of a code to remember but again it might just be where I live that does that with the "store." Otherwise all of your other questions got answered.

I like it because it means I'm not waiting for someone to show up, and packages don't get let out in the rain. Plus I've had a lot of packages arrive damaged to my house and this way I have not had issues.

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