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I am currently:

am a former SI Christian
iv been apart of churches my hole life

iv not done any self harm in about a year now
and I was filled with the holy ghost 2 weeks ago at a Christian camp which I went to for about a week

i then went a few days later and gave a testimony about my life growing up and the terrible things that happen to me and my cutting and suicide past in front of 150 people during a service there trying to provide not only insight and hope to many people but some knowledge into some of the reasons for suicide and cutting

i would say it went amazing had 3 people after the service talk to me about there cutting
and at least 10 more serious talks about life with others

and i seem to touch half the camp and i went on to win the award they gave out to the single most outstanding Christian character of camp 2007

anyway my life right now is going beyond my wildest dreams i ever thought and am about to be published for some poetry

and thats what has been going on the past 2 weeks for me
anyway God is awesome!

its hard to say if life is a sad thing or a joy
because some look at it as rainbows and flowers
and some look at it as graves and funerals
because the horrible things will happen
but the great things will happen
it seems are attitudes define it more then the roads we travel
all I know is that I could look at is as a curse or a blessing
ether way its my choice to be positive or negative.

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