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The Christian SIers thread

This one grew pretty large on the old forum, so I'm starting it up again over here. There's quite a few Christian SIers on here, or those who have been able to stop, myself included.

As a mini-profile of myself, I was saved when I was 6 and have been a Christian ever since. I really got serious about my faith when I was 17. I started cutting when I was 19 but stopped when I was around 22, and haven't in about 2 years. I didn't do anything specific to stop; the closer I got to God and others around me, the less I needed it.

To me, having a strong and continually growing relationship with God, is more important than stopping a bad habit. The way I see it, if I get that relationship in place, I won't need to cut. And that's been consistent over the past year or so, when my walk is at a strong place, I never want to cut. (outside of random, off the wall, out of nowhere urges occasionally -- curiosity/boredom urges, not coping urges)

Soooo welcome everyone, make yourselves at home. Feel free to discuss, ask questions, share prayer requests, etc.

Edit 12/18/08: Wow, this thing sure has grown since I created it. I'm happy to see so many people participating, I haven't been on the site in quite some time. If you ever want to contact me, I get a notification in my email Inbox which I check every few days, and I'd be glad to hear feedback or anything else you want to say. And of course feel free to keep the thread going here!

Psalm 103:1-5

Everyone is welcome here, even if you've never posted here before, there's no such thing as intruding in this thread!

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