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I think you've been given some good advice. It does sound stressful, and I can understand why you have concerns. I think it's normal to be both excited and stressed about traveling, just most folks never publicly acknowledge they are stressed.

Are you able to plan any down time or alone time into the days if you're planning some of the days out? Would that be something that would help you if so?

Re some of the stuff about tipping and eating out, you can download an app that helps you calculate tip percentage if you're unsure what to use. Basically you tip the server at sit down type restaurants by leaving money on the table when you leave or writing in the tip amount onto your receipt when you pay with a card. Places like coffee shops or more grab and go type of restaurants often have a tip jar at the counter when you pay, or use apps that if you pay with a credit card, you can easily add it on.

I also just want to say if you're not comfortable with gambling or driving, you don't have to do either. You're in cities that should have uber/lyft/taxis, as well as decent public transit. You can also find a place in the casinos to just sit and read a book or play games on your phone instead if you have to.

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