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Originally Posted by nonperson View Post
South Rim, I'm assuming? I have the option of West or South from La Vegas.

Yes - the south rim and Bright Angel Trail. I believe its the easiest and most popular trail. It has shade, water and toilets. South Kaibab is also popular but there is a shuttle bus involved. I left from Prescott, and drove trough Sedona. It was a great trip as Sedona is very popular with arty/nature crowds - lots of colors and desert formations

Bright Angel has intermittent rest stops with facilities. The last stop is Phantom Ranch and its over 9 mile hike. Going down that far in one day would be a killer on way up. Wherever you go, dont take more than you need because you feel every ounce after the first hour back up. Water and snacks, hat and glasses. You can rent a mule. I only went to first level area. I played racquet ball the day before and my legs were sore. It was 2-3 hours of cramps climbing back up lol. Its easy to go down and distance is misleading in such a huge place. Imagine the Spanish Steps in Rome being a couple miles long lol

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