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If it's any comfort np, i'd be exactly the same. I would stress over the first million things that could go wrong before i even entered the airport. I took a small trip this summer to the Capital of my country and even though i travelled by train it stressed me out to the point that i nearly cancelled on the day of departure. Like you, i felt it was too much, too overwhelming and too much energy i did not even have at that point. But i tried to break it down into smaller pieces. First of all, all i concentrated on was getting on the bus. Then came the train. Then find my friend at the station and so on and so forth. By breaking it into smaller bits it didn't Seem as overwhelming and somehow i managed to survive the trip even though i was basically running on fumes the entire time.

Remember that it's okay to take some time to yourself while you're away too. And try to nag your dad about thinking of some things he would like to see and to experience as well.

It's stressful to be going away from home and away from the everyday life that seems much safer and comforting, even on the worst of days. I have the utmost faith that you Will be okay. And the excitement and joy Will come when you're actually standing there and experiencing it

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