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Can't be bothered hurting myself? :S

Recently I've been fantasying about self harm and planning in my head how I can buy new things to hurt myself. Thinking when I'm finally alone I can hurt myself. But then when I'm alone I can no longer be bothered? I know that is technically a good thing because it means I'm not hurting myself but yeah.

It's also weird how it feels like I can't be bothered hurting myself rather than not needing to. It's like I have no energy to do it. Just wondering if anyone else has felt the same way and can maybe word it better than me, rather than me sounding like I'm complaining about not hurting myself which I'm not.

Screw everyone and anyone who has ever put you down.

You're amazing.

The scars are just reminders that you're a survivor.

Remember there will always be someone who will support you, you may not know him/her but they'll always be there.

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