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The situation in North Korea

I know that the worst thing a person can do is constantly watch the news. Believe me, I do it and regret it. But one thing that has been on the news a lot recently is the worsening (That is a word right?) situation in North Korea. Now that there are American and Japanese Warships stationed off the coast of South Korea, the yearly live fire drills, the almost weekly rocket tests and the fact that China (North Korea's biggest ally) has asked all it's citizens to leave the country, This has me worried that something very very bad is about to go down. Hell, North Korea even threatened China with "Grave Consequences"!

I'm no expert on the politics regarding the area and I don't claim to be either, but the fact that a country with nuclear weapons potential is pretty much surrounded by people they can't stand and are very willing to use those weapons has me convinced that if something does happen, this will trigger events that can only be described that catastrophic.

The current situation has got me, quite honestly, very very scared that something will go down. The question I'm asking myself mainly regarding everything going on there is this: If it does happen, what next? I might be worrying over nothing but the way things are going at the moment, I just don't know.

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