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I am fortunate enough to have a plethora of coping strategies to which I exploit no end in order to reduce self harm frequency. Sadly no end of alternatives can satisfy and comfort me and so I end up self harming. Predominantly i use my alternatives but in the last month or so harming has been the stronger need.
As has been said sometimes we need a little med tweek and I am okay with that, but obviously the transitional period will be tough. Had a pretty bad night so far but sos'd my brother and he came and sat with me for a few hours, something simple but it saw me through the need to harm. Turns out my brother is quite intuitive with my depression now then again he has had a decade to practise.
I know I'm not too old really to be affected but some days it's easy to think to myself how do you still end up here have you not learned anything I guess it feels like being stuck in a time lock

Apologies for rambling thanks for reading/replying

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