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I'm suppose to be getting out of IP but I've told my psychiatrist how concerned I am that I'm going to cut the first night I'm out and she seems to think it's normal concern. I've also told her how little I plan to eat so she gave me homework to come up with a meal plan, which I did, but I'm not sure I plan to actually use it. It's going to be so easy to do the unhealthy things that got me put in here in the first place because my fiancÚ isn't going to be getting out for a little while and I'm going to be in a town with no one I know and only having to see a case manager at most twice a month. I've told my psychiatrist the truth about all of this but she doesn't seem as concerned as I thought she would, she keeps saying I don't belong here anymore and that she wants to see me get out of here so I can go through with my plans of getting married and having a baby, she thinks I'm ready, and part of me does too, I wish my fiancÚ was going to be there with me because I think if I weren't going to be there alone it would be a lot easier but I'm having to relocate to his town so I'll be away from my friends and my counseling services so it makes it more difficult. I'm not sure what to do

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