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Originally Posted by random.swirls View Post
Ryl isn't letting me quote but to me actively engaging in suicidal behaviour would be having taken an overdose or something along those lines.

I guess for me the threshold would be if I had the persons address I would call the police to do a welfare check or call for an ambulance etc. I think I've done to RYL friends on 3 occasions.

So someone who has self harmed, binged, purged, fasted, etc wouldn't count nor would someone who was posting whilst psychotic, manic or dissociated. Unless their life was in immediate danger.
That's incredibly subjective though. You even say so yourself: "for me...". Self-harm can be done with suicidal intentions, and every time you purge you can, potentially, die, etc. All of those actions can have a suicidal intention behind them. But from your post there, it seems that it's okay to post on RYL whilst actively engaging in self-harm (which is, in itself a rather broad statement), as long as you do not think your life is in immediate danger, which it very much can be.

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